Service Projects

Potential Future Projects at Hahlawah and Squantz

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At Hahlawah Preserve

  1. General clean-up

At Squantz Pond State Park

  1. Yard Clean-up:  This involves the moving of firewood stacks, lumber, grills, boats and other equipments in the shop yard from one end to another to better organize the facility.  About 8 hours of work for several scouts.
  2. Cord wood cutting:  for older scouts.  Park needs cord wood cut into firewood for park use (maintenance shop, managers house, park campfires).  Never ending work, plenty of hours of skilled and hard work.
  3. Trail maintenance: Red dot trail along the shoreline needs to be re-blazed and marked.  Possibility of placing brush and downed trees by "the rocks" to create a natural barrier.  Several days work:  possible Eagle project.
  4. CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) camp restoration.  Clearing of brush and clean up of of CCC camp mess hall.  Possible construction of interpretive signs.  Need historical research conducted.  Possible Eagle scout project.
  5. Pot hole repair and fill: Ball Pond boat launch and Pine Hill parking lot.  Park Ranger delivers and dumps the gravel, scouts shovel and rake.
  6. Pootatuck fire road maintenance.  Good project for older scout to lead.  Fire road (about 5 miles) is cleared, rocks removed, culverts brushed out, etc.  Lots of labor.  Several days work.
  7. Spring time cleaning of park trucks, boats, tractors, mowers, etc., possibly in conjunction with a class involving vehicle maintenance.