General Camping

Camping is the central activity in Troop 42. Scouts are expected to participate in our camping program; training, supervision and support is given at all levels, at all events.

Camping Dates

For a complete list of camping dates, visit the Calendars page. 

Permission Slips

Permission slips and food deposits are due 3 meetings before the campout to enable everyone to "Be Prepared" for the trip.  For more information, read the details of the permission slip policy.  To print permission slips, visit the Calendars page.

Planning a Camping Trip

Patrol planning for each camping trip is done with the Patrol Camping Planner, which includes rosters, tent assignments, equipment, and menu forms. 


The Troop Adult Grubmaster must approve all camping menus at least 10 days before the trip.  The Patrol Camping Planner and Grubmaster Planning Tips help planning the menus, shopping list, and portion sizes.  There are many other resources available for planning camping menus (see the Links page)


A boy from each patrol will be assigned to shop for the trip.  He will use the food deposit from each scout, buy the food, and then reimburse or collect additional money from the other scouts as appropriate.


Tips on selecting personal equipment that's right for you can be found at Backpacker Magazine "Gear" site and REI's "Expert Advice" on camping.
The troop maintains tents, tarps, stoves, and other camping equipment.  Troop equipment is requisitioned using the Patrol Camping Planner, received and returned according to Shanty Rules and maintained according to the Troop 42 Equipment Maintenance Procedures.


A personal equipment checklist is available.  It covers most events, and includes clothes for cold and hot weather, but is not all-inclusive. You will need to evaluate each trip for weather and special conditions expected.
Tips on how to pack can be found at REI's Expert Advice on packing page
There is a mandatory pack inspection at the meeting before the camping trip for all scouts below the rank of First Class Scout

Cold Weather Camping

Cold weather camping requires extra equipment and planning.  Read all about it on the Cold Weather Camping page.

What Constitutes a "Backpacking" Trip?

Some of the camping trips are designated as backpacking trips.  On these trips, scouts

  • carry everything a minimum of 2500 ft (½ mile) to the campsite, including patrol items, e.g., tents, cooking gear, food and water, as well as all personal items.
  • pack a bit differently for backpacking trips.  For more information, review the packing list, paying attention to items called out for backpacking.
  • cook with lightweight stoves
  • do not bring patrol wampus boxes or coolers.

After the Camping Trip

At completion of each troop camping trip, troop equipment is assigned to scouts, and is to be cleaned according to the equipment maintenance guide and returned according to Shanty Rules. All questions about equipment assignment should be directed to the Patrol Leader first, then if not resolved, to the Senior Patrol Leader, and if necessary to the Scout Quartermaster followed by the Adult Quartermaster.

Shanty Day

A shanty day is a required meeting for the entire troop at which the troop's storage Shanty behind Peerless Power Equipment at 52 Gillotti Road is inventoried, restocked, and reorganized.

Year Round Camper

Most scouts earn the Year Round Camper patch offered through CT Yankee Council, which requires 12 consecutive months of camping overnight and making meals outdoors.