Permission Slip Policy

The troop policy and deadlines for camping permission slips are required for the troop to Be Prepared; to complete plans required by the Boy Scouts of America for insurance and to enable proper planning for equipment, food, and transportation for camping trips.

Two meetings before the camping trip

  • a scout must notify his patrol leader whether or not he is going on the trip, and if going, pay a $10.00 deposit to help purchase food.

  • a scout hands in his signed permission slip to his Patrol Leader, complete with parent driving information, scout name, and parent’s camping plans.  If the scout is arriving late, or leaving early that must be noted on the permission slip as well.

    • parents notify the Outdoor Coordinator through the completion of the permission slip.  Parents must indicate the number of scouts they can transport if they elect to drive or camp with the troop.Patrol Leaders hand in permission slips to the Senior Patrol Leader. If the Patrol Leader isn't present at the meeting, the Assistant Patrol Leader or a scout designated by the Patrol Leader will submit permission slips to the Senior Patrol Leader.

  • The Senior Patrol Leader provides the collected troop permission slips to the Outdoor Coordinator and Scoutmaster

  • Assistant Scoutmasters and other adults notify the Adult Patrol Leader of their plan to attend.  

  • If the troop meeting is cancelled, the Patrol Leader is responsible for emailing copies of the permission slips to the Outdoor Coordinator, the Scoutmaster and the Senior Patrol Leader. 

All of this information is used to create a drivers transportation plan.

If a Scout has not handed in a permission slip by two meetings before the camping trip, he can only join the trip if:

  • His parent agrees to drive him to and from the trip (since he was not included in the transportation plan); AND

  • His patrol leader and the troop quartermaster certifies to the outdoor coordinator that:

  • There is tent space available for the scout in the tent(s) the patrol has already ordered;  AND

  • Food has been purchased for the scout); AND

  • He has provided a completed and signed permission slip to the outdoor coordinator before departure time.

If a scout who committed to going changes his intention, he must tell his Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader no later than the meeting before the campout.  Any cancellations after that time must be communicated directly to the Outdoor Coordinator and will result in a forfeiture of the scout's food deposit.

Permission slips are posted on the Calendars page of the troop website.

Thank you for your part in helping the troop Be Prepared.