Participation Explanation


August 28, 2007

An integral part of the Boy Scout program is advancement.  Your sons, through their hard work, and by using the program that the boys plan and implement, with the assistance of the Troop Committee, may achieve individual advancement.  Your son's advancement has several components, but the most prestigious part is rank advancement.  As you probably know by now the ranks available for your son to advance are Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star Scout, Life Scout and Eagle Scout.

Each of these ranks has a requirement that the boy "Demonstrate scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life." 

The Scoutmaster is the only one who can sign off on this requirement.  Troop 42, acting by its Troop Committee, has determined that this requirement shall be interpreted by the Scoutmaster to mean that the individual boy must have demonstrated to the Scoutmaster that he follows the Scout Oath and Law by having good character, conduct and behavior, etc., and that the boy must have demonstrated a commitment to the Troop by having been an active participant in Troop activities.  The Troop Committee has determined that, as a guideline, in order to meet a level of participation adequate for rank advancement, the boy should participate in 70% of all Troop activities, which shall include troop meetings, camping trips and service projects.  This participation level is a guideline and is subject to the Scoutmaster's interpretation, alteration and waiver for good cause.

The Troop Committee has determined that the Scoutmaster shall adopt this interpretation of the "Demonstrate scout spirit" for all ranks.

The purpose of this letter is to notify you, as parents of the boys in the troop of this policy.

The Troop Committee does not believe that a boy who has otherwise nominally fulfilled all of the requirements for rank advancement, but who has not been an active participant in Troop activities, should be permitted to advance a rank.  The Troop Committee believes that rank advancement has to be actively earned by the boy seeking it.  The Troop Committee does not suggest that the boys in the troop must give up all other activities in order to advance. 

Thank you once again for allowing your sons to participate in our great program.

Peter S. Vannucci
Troop Committee Chairman