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Camping and Activities 2018-2019

Dates Activity Location Click Below For
Sep. 15-16 Steep Rock permission slip
Oct. 26-28 10 Mile River at AT site
permission slip
Nov. 10-11 Mohawk Mountain
permission slip
Dec. 7-8
Sturges Park - Ridgefield CT
permission slip
Jan. 18-19 Klondike Derby/Volunteer Park Sherman, CT
permission slip
Feb. 8-10
Camp Mattatuck permission slip
Mar. 22-24
Hoyt. permission slip
Apr.27-28 Orange County Fair Speedway/Camp Bullowa
permission slip
May 10-12
Sequassenpermission slip
Jun. 7-9
Camp Mattatuckpermission slip
July 28-August 3

Camping and Activities 2017-2018

Dates Activity Location
Sep. 16-17 Bear Mountain
Oct. 20-22 Sequassen
Nov. 10-12 Wah Wah Taysee
Dec. 2-3 Sequassen (shooting sports program)
Jan. 12-14 Hoyt-Klondike
Feb. 16-18
Camp Mattatuck
Mar. 17-18
Apr.6-7 Hoyt.
May 18-20
Boston Science Museum/Camp Lone Tree- CANCELLED
Jun. 8-10
July 29-August 4
Camp Aquehonga

Camping and Activities 2016-2017

Dates Activity Location
Sep 23-35
Lime Rock Raceway
Oct.  21-23 Camporee at Hoyt Scout Reservation
Nov.  12-13 Bulls Bridge
Dec. 10-11 Camp Anderson (Brain Andersons house on 2 North Forty Drive)
Jan. 27-28 Klondike Hoyt Scout Reservation
Feb.24-26 Deer Lake Scout Camp
Mar. 10-12 Sequassen
Apr.22-23 Staten Island NYC campout
May 19-21 Camp Nooteeming
Jun.3-4 Camp Mattatuck
Jul.30 -Aug 5 Summer Camp Baiting Hollow

Camping and Activities 2015-2016

Dates Activity Location
Sep. 18-20 Sequassen
Oct. 16-18 Fall Camporee at Sequassen
Nov. 14 West Point Tour and Football Game
Nov. 21-22  Deer Lake Scout Reservation
Dec. 12-13 Ward Pound Ridge
Jan. 29-30 Klondike Derby 
Feb. 19-21 Durland / Clear Lake
Mar. 19
Seton Scout Reservation
Apr.  9-10 Camp Nooteeming
May 13-15 Family Camping - Durland / Clear Lake
Jun. 10-12 Harriman State Park - AT
Jul. 31-Aug 6 Summer Camp at Assateague

Camping and Activities 2014-2015

Dates Activity Location
Sep. 19-21 Lime Rock Park
Oct. 18-19 Ward Pound Ridge
Nov. 21-23 West Point and Camp Bullowa
Dec. 13-14 Mohawk State Forest
Park Maps:
Northern section, includes entrance road and camping area
Southern section,, includes trails
Jan. 16-17 Klondike Derby at Hoyt
Jan. 24 Snow Sports Merit Badge at Ski Butternut
Feb. 20-22 Durland / Clear Lake
Mar. 21-22 White Memorial
Apr. 17-19 Sequassen
May 15-17 ConnJam
Jun. 13-14 Green Island - Candlewood Lake
Jul. 22-26Trek: Baxter State Park
Jul. 26-Aug 1 Summer Camp

Camping, Activities 2013-2014



Sept. 20-22 Camping at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Rhinebeck, NY
Sept 28 Mountain Biking at Huntington State Park, Redding, CT
Oct. 19-20 Camping at 10 Mile River on the Appalachian Trail, Kent, CT
Nov. 23-24 Camping at Ward Pound Ridge, Pound Ridge, NY
Dec. 14-15 Camping at Bear Mountain State Park, Tomkins Cove, NY was canceled
Jan. 17-18 Klondike Derby at Hoyt Scout Reservation, West Redding, CT
Feb. 21-23 Camping at Durland / Clear Lake, Putnam Valley, NY
Mar. 21-23 Camping at Mattatuck Scout Reservation, Plymouth, CT
Apr. 19 Hiking at Slide Mountain
Apr. 26-27 Camping at Hoyt Scout Reservation, West Redding, CT
May 3-4 Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail in Harriman State Park, NY
May 18
Hiking on the Appalachian Trail in NY
Jun. 20-22 Camping at Putnam Park
Jul. 20-26 Summer Camp at Minsi
Aug. 15-17 Green Island

Camping, Service Projects, and Activities 2012-2013



Sept. 22-23 Camping at Forestburg Scout Reservation
Oct. 19-21 Camping at Fairfield Hills, Newtown
Oct. 27 Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Wingdale to Pawling, NY
Nov. 16-18 Camping at West Point, Camp Bullowa
Dec. 8 Hiking at the  Michael Ciaiola Conservation Area
Dec. 15-16 Camping at Pomperaug
Dec. 23 Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Pawling, NY
Jan 19 Trip to Connecticut Science Center
Jan. 25-26 Klondike Derby
Feb. 22-24 Camping at Durland / Clear Lake
Mar. 15-17 Camping at Mattatuck Scout Reservation
Apr. 13-14 Camping at Deer Lake Scout Reservation
Apr. 26-28 Camping at West Point,
May 3-5 Family Camping - Gettysburg and Camp Tuckahoe
May 18 Hiking - Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail in Berlin, CT
June 15 Hiking - Burroughs Range Trail in Phoenicia NY
June 21-23 Hiking - Pawling NY to Ten Mile River
Jun. 22-23 Camping at Ten Mile River
July 14 Hiking - Appalachian Trail
Jul. 28- Aug 3 Summer Camp at Citta Scout Reservation

Camping, Service Projects, and Activities 2011-2012



Aug. 24-28 High Adventure Trek at Baxter State Park
Sept. 16-18 Camping at Deer Lake Scout Reservation
Oct. 15-16 Camping at White Memorial Foundation
Oct. 29 Hahlawah Preserve Service Project
Oct. 29 Hiking on the Appalachian Trail
Nov. 11-13 Camping at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey
Dec. 10-11 Camping at Ward Pound Ridge
Jan. 20-21 Camping and Klondike Derby at Hoyt
Feb. 24-26 Camping at Durland / Clear Lake
Mar. 16-17 Camping at Sequassen - Friday to Saturday evening
Apr. 28-29 Camping at Deer Lake
May 18-20 Family Camping Trip to Washington, D.C. with overnight at Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, Virginia
May 26 Hahlawah Service Project, 9:00 to Noon
Jun. 16-17 Camping at Liahona
Jun. 23 Hiking on the Appalachian Trail
Jul. 29-Aug. 4 Summer Camp at Wahtutca, Northwood, NH

Camping Schedule 2010-2011



Sept 18 Hiking: Appalachian Trail at Lakeville, CT
Sep 24-26 Camping: Ward Pound Ridge
Sep 24-26. Camp Sikorsky 2010
Oct 15-17 Fall Camporee at Hoyt
Oct 24 Hiking: Appalachian Trail, Sherman to Kent, CT
Nov 13-14 Camping: Sequassen
Nov 20-21 Hiking: Appalachian Trail, Cornwall Bridge, CT
Dec 11-12 Camping: Wah Wah Taysee
Jan 28-29 Camping: Klondike Derby at Hoyt
Feb 25-27 Camping: Durland/Clear Lake
Mar 12-13 Camping: Mattatuck Scout Reservation
Apr 9-10 Camping: Pomperaug
May 14 Hiking: Appalachian Trail, at Kent, CT
May 20-22 Camping: Family Camping - Alpine Scout Camp, Statue of Liberty
Jun 10-11 Camping: Liahona
July 4 Independence Day Pancake Breakfast and Parade
July 24-30 Summer Camp at Assateague Island
Aug 6-7 Hiking: Appalachian Trail, at Kent, CT
Aug. 24-28 High Adventure Camping at Baxter State Park

Camping Schedule 2009-2010



Sep 19-20 Camping: Durland/Clear Lake
Oct 24-25 Camping: Wah Wah Taysee
Nov 21-22 Camping: Ward Pound Ridge  The Grubmaster's Challenge is "Opposites"
Dec 12-13 Camping: Strang Scout Reservation
Jan 15-16 Camping: Klondike Derby at the Brookfield Municipal Property
Feb 26-28 Camping: Durland/Clear Lake (changed to Squantz Pond Skills Day)
Mar 4-6 High Adventure Hike, Camping: White Mountains, NH
Mar 27-28 Camping: Sequassen Nathan Hale site
Apr 9-11 Camping: White Memorial Foundation
May 21-23 Camping: Family Camping at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp
Jun 26-27 Camping: Appalachian Trail Backpacking
Jul 15-18 Trek: White Mountains - Madison Springs Hut
Aug 1-7 Camp Waubeeka, Brant Lake, New York

Camping Schedule 2008-2009



Sept. 26 - 28 Camp Sikorsky 2008
Sept. 27 - 28 Camping at Liahona
Oct. 18-19 Camping at Camp Mattatuck with Cub Scouts
Nov. 22-23 Camping at Camp Wah Wah Taysee.  This is a "wilderness survival" minimalist weekend: shelter-building (no tents) and no-cook (living off the kind of things you'd carry in a day pack for a hike)
Dec. 13-14 Camping at Hoyt - Klondike Prep and Dutch Oven Cookoff
Jan. 17 Klondike Derby, 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard, Newtown.
Feb. 13-15 Camping at Durland/Clear Lake
Mar. 28-29 Camping at Nooteming will include a "One Pot" competition
Apr. 25-26 Hiking at Chatfield Hollow State Park and camping at Deer Lake
May 15-17 Camping at ConnJam '09
Jun. 5-7 Family Camping at Liahona
Jul. 9-12) Hiking in the White Mountains Presidential Range
Jul. 26-Aug. 01 Summer Camp

Camping Calendar 2007-2008



Sept. 28-30

Mohawk Mountain State Forest, Cornwall, and
Scout Day at Lime Rock during the day Saturday. 

Sept. 28-30 Camp Sikorsky, Stratford, CT

October 13-14

Mattatuck Scout Reservation, Plymouth, CT.  We will be joined by Webelos 2 Cub Scouts. The Grubmaster's Challenge is "Mystery Menu" this month

November 2-4

Hoyt Scout Reservation, Redding, CT,
Scatacook District Fall Camporee

December 1-2

F.S. Barbour Scout Reservation, Norfolk, CT
This is a backpacking trip.  The Grubmaster's Challenge is "One Pot"

January 18-19

Klondike Derby, Richter Park, Danbury, CT.  Remember to read the tips for staying warm on a winter campout

February 23-24

Clear Lake Scout Reservation, Putnam Valley, NY
(This is cabin camping)

March 8-9

Camp Nooteeming, Salt Point, NY
This is a backpacking trip

April 12-13

Seton Scout Reservation, Greenwich, CT
This is a backpacking trip

May 2-4

Deer Lake Scout Reservation, Killingworth, CT

June 6-8

Annual Family Camping trip, Greenough Scout Reservation, Cape Cod, Yarmouthport, MA

June 13-15 Trek Prep Hike and Canoe Trip in Walton NY

July 27-Aug 2

Summer Camp at Cedarlands Scout Reservation, Seneca site